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Registration of service providers

Genova Parcheggi S.p.A. decided to adopt a list of traders, divided by category and periodically updated, as a tool of consultation for the commitment and execution of works, services and suppliesaccording to the Legislative Decree 163/2006; in order to respect the principles of free competition, equal treatment, transparency and non-discrimination.

The enrollment is always open and it does not define any obligations for Genova Parcheggi S.p.A. and it is subjected to the general requirements, laid down in art. 38 of Legislative Decree 163/2006, and the regularity of contributions and insurance (D.U.R.C).

Registered service providers may be contacted for specific requests for quotation or market surveys. From 2/1/2013 on Genova Parcheggi S.p.A. will maintain in its register only entries with A form.

Enrollment procedure

For those who are interested in the enrollment, the application signed by the business owner or CEO must be submitted according to the scheme referred to in fac-simile “model A” and duly completed in all its parts and signed pursuant to Art. 46 and 47 of the Presidential Decree n. 445/2000.

The application must be accompanied by the certificate of registration with the Chamber of Commerce, the business register and the certificate of regularity of contributions (D.U.R.C).

The identification and selection of the categories, to which the service providers wish to be entered, must be specified in the request. They have to correspond to the objects of the company resulting from the registration at the Chamber of Commerce.

More details can be found in the annexes at the bottom of this page.

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