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Payment procedures

Parking payments must be made in advance and for its duration (according to the highway code).

All tickets are available at the offices of Genoa Parcheggi and resales.

Genoa Parcheggi S.p.A. has adopted alternative payment systems, suitable for all needs:


Payment in the parking meter.
Insert the amount of coins corrisponding to the sum total and display in plain sight the payment coupon on your dashboard.

“Gratta e sosta”

Voucher of 1 or 2 euros, according to the required time. Carefully scratch the boxes of the hourly fee of the area, the year, month, day, hour and minute of the stop start.
Expose the coupon clearly visible on your dashboard. To cover stops higher than theperiod indicated on the coupon, you can use multiple coupons up to the desired amount.


You can even pay without coins with the ATM enabled FastPay system. Enter your bank card and with the blue key choose the stop time. Finally, press the green button. Show the coupon on your dashboard.


Electronic device with prepaid deduct amount to be displayed on the dashboard. You pay the actual minutes to stop and solve the problem of delays. Just set your hourly rate, turn it on at the start and shut it down at the end of the stand.

From your handy app!

Now with EasyPark you save time, money and avoid fines! Enabling Easy park and payments and renewals can take done with a touch.
Only a smartphone and the registration of the license plate number are required. Just download the app on your phone and the stand time will then be calibrated to suit your needs. It will also be possible to renew it with a remote control.
It is easy to sign up! Download the iOS, Android or Windows phone app, check the website or call the number 0899260100.

Let’s stand:

  • Enter the area codeprinted on vertical poster-site 
  • Enter the car licence plate and a provisional timetable to end the stand

You will receive a reminder (sms or push notification) 15 minutes before the end of the stand. At the end, the cost will be charged automatically on your prepaid accountEasyPark. Remember to show the sticker on your car’s windshield Easypark so to inform you’re paying with this system.

Purchase check:

At the end of the stand, you will receive an electronic  receipt directly on your app, you can also download  a pdf receipt by logging in to your personal account on the site for free. A chronology of your activities and many other functions will always be at your disposal from both web and app, so you can manage your account with a click!


EasyParkLarge: it is the ideal solution for anyone who spends at least € 8 every week. You can use the unlimited service for a monthly fee of € 2.99 (in addition to the expectedhourly rate). EasyParkSmall: it is the perfect solution for people that do not use this service very much. No additional fees, you pay when you use the service with a surcharge of 15% of the hourly rate expected.

Tickets issued by officers

Officers on duty within “Isole Azzurre” area may issue a valid ticket for the parking.

Monthly ticket “Isole Azzurre”

In some “Isole Azzurre” it is possible to have a monthly subscription with a fee of  80 Euros (including VAT, billable hours).
Subscriptions are available at the offices of Genoa Parcheggi.
A monthly subscription may be requested for the following areas: piazza Palermo, via Brigate Partigiane, via Capuli and Mura delle Cappuccine (cost € 80/month), Via Corso Sardegna Terralba and Via Casoni (cost € 50/month).

How to pay the parking irregularities

The stand is irregular when the vehicle does not expose a valid ticket.
If the irregularity is detected by a policeman or auxiliary  an administrative penalty is issued, if it is detected by a Genoa Parcheggi control officer (Isole Azzurre only)  a notice of irregularity with relative penalty is issued.

Payment of administrative penalty : where to

  • Within 7 days from the scrutinity:
    • LOTTOMATICA resales;
    • Local police via Cantore, 2 – Genova;
    • On CCP 69289817 with postal form attached to the notice;
    • online

Payment of fines and overdue payments of Genova Parcheggi : where to

Within 10 days:


Administrative fine:

  • amount shown above the fine

overdue payments:

  • If paid on the day of issue: until the time of payment plus a penalty.
  • If paid from the 2nd to 10 day: the amount posted in the third line from bottom of the alert.
  • If paid over 10° day: a further 18.00 Euros of over-tax will be charged.
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