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All Blu area car parks are equipped with pay and display parkings for non-residents.

According to Art. 7, par. 1 – l. f) of Legislative Decree 285/92 “New Highway Code”,” order of Auditors and Councilit shall be given to the municipalities the possibility of setting up …areas with pay and display parking checked by suitable tools ”  .

Based on the  statement above, the Genoa municipality launched a policy of regulation of parking on public place, within the “Piano della Sosta” at the municipal level, which takes into account that the charge of car parks is based on holding responsible citizens about the use of public spaces, which are a limited resource.

By the resolution of the City Council n. 114/2010, the guidelines for the review of park tariff system were approved, considering the need of regulate the same rates on distinct territorial classification basis, types of use, subjects and the stopover choice.

Four different local areas has been created to which correspond the following hourly rates:

  • Fascia 1: 2,50 €/hour;
  • Fascia 2: 2,00 €/hour;
  • Fascia 3; 1,50 €/hour;
  • Fascia 4: 1,00 €/hour.

The cost has been calibrated as to discourage long stays and in order to facilitate a quickly turnover and constant availability.

Different subscription options are planned for different professional categories or special needs.

P.le Martin Luther King is provided with monthly subscriptions of 50.00 euros for private car owners and 90 euros related to the following vehicles’ categories :

  • vehicles N1 – N2 from those who exercise economic and professional activities;
  • vehicles appropriate for goods and people transportation belonging to those who exercise economic and professional activities in the Foce area.

Monthly mark

In the Blu Area there are only two marks:

  • monthly mark valid all day long: 50,00 Euro;
  • monthly mark valid according to time slots: 8:00/14:00 or 14:00/20:00: 25,00 Euro.

Visualizza le tipologie di contrassegno disponibili per la tua categoria e le relative tariffe.

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