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Blue Islands are dedicated to quick stops in order to always have free parking-space available.

Located near public transportation and landmarks, they are not free-parking areas and here, the receipt for the residents is not valid.

Schedules and fares Timetable and fees are the same of Blu Area.
monthly subscription at the fee of  80 Euros may be requested. It’s valid for Isole Azzurre of Via delle Cappuccine, P.zza Palermo, V.le Brigate Partigiane and Via Casaregis. It costs 50,00 Euros for those of Via Casoni, Corso Sardegna e Piazza Martinez.
Four areas have been created with the following hourly rate:
  • Fascia 1: 2,50 €/hour;
  • Fascia 2: 2,00 €/hour;
  • Fascia 3: 1,50 €/hour;
  • Fascia 4: 1,00 €/hour.
Generally speaking, the hour itself has been devided in 6 minutes’ time slots and the payment is equal to 10% of the hourly purchase.
They also established the following specific types of fees according to the use, according to the following criteria:
  • speedy: designed to meet the needs of a short stop of 30 minutes, it’s not repeatable and the fee corresponds to 25% of the hourly rate of the area of reference;
  • special: designed to facilitate medium/short stops near landmarks; you can benefit of a 60-minute non-repeatable stopat a rate equal to 50% of the reference area;
  • largeit’s about medium/long stops near landmarks, economic and commercial points (peddlers) and hospitals at a reduced rate. You can benefit of a not repeatable stop for 150 minutes at a discounted rate of 50% compared to the hourly rate.
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