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Starting from 2005, the city of Genoa has undertaken a regulation procedure concearning the parking system and the payment of a fee, according to art. 6, par. 4. d) and 7, par. 1 (l) f) and 8 of the Legislative Decree 285/1992. The The purposes of the new fee introduced and the new regime called Blu Area may be summarized as following:

  • strengthening and improvement of the use of the areas by the residents and, in general, a better accessibility for every citizen, thank to an improved parking space organisation;
  • an improved driveability thank to traffic reduction caused very often by people who are trying to find an available parking space. Now with these measures the efficiency of public transport has been improved;
  • safeguard and improved mobility of pedestrians and their areas. This is possible thank to an extended supervision in order to avoid stops in the wrong areas.

The current regulation of parking spaces in “Blue Area” provides a substantial differentiation between:

  • Zone “Blu Area”: areas marked with blue points whose purpose is to preserve the maximum access to the  car parks by residents. Everyone else is allowed to stop upon payment, whereas residents may take advantage of them as long as they want to upon a yearly mark;
  • Blue Islands: they are included in the Blu Area and are located near public transportation and landmarks. You can stop there upon payment; residents’ receipt is not valid.
  • Car parks reserved to assignees, written in Public Administration Acts, whose stops are allowed upon payment of specific tickets.

In the “Blue Area system parking places for non-residents are very expensive, whereas for residents and alike it is always expensive, but with annual favored temporary ubscription forms they are facilitated.

The Blu Area has been completely reorganized in order to use better the parking spaces already available and the new ones.

  • There are more than 4.000 free parking spaces for motorcycles.
  • Blu Area is divided into 6 areas:
    • FOCE (zone A, B) – expire authorizations on February 28 
    • BASSA VAL BISAGNO (zone C) – expire authorizations on January 30 
    • BASSA VAL BISAGNO (zone T) – expire authorizations on February 15 
    • CARIGNANO (zone D, E) – expire authorizations on November 30
    • CENTRO (zone F, G) – expire authorizations F on March 31; zona G on July 31
    • ALTURE (zona H) – expire authorizations on November 30 
    • ALBARO (zone L, M) – expire authorizations on May 31
    • SAN FRUTTUOSO (zona R) – expire authorizations on May 31 
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