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Yellow Lanes overview

Yellow lanes are a part of the road reserved for public transport. Upon authorisation and payment the transit of a particular types of vehicles is allowed.

According to the declaration of Genoa Public Administration Dgc 245/2010, Genova Parcheggi has been charged of releasing the authorizations in order to use the yellow lanes, according to l. C of O.S. n. 438/2010

The lanes are a part of the road used only by public transport.

In details for the following activities:

  • Vehicles owned by public transport companies (State – Regione Liguria – Provincia di Genova – Enti Ospedalieri – Asl);
  • vehicles used by consulates with civil number-plate;
  • vehicles used personally of the officers or owned by magistrates and bailiffs;
  • companies, companies which provide a public service (limited to tasks’ actions);
  • vehicles used to carry valuables (art.203, c. 2 of Reg.495/92) owned by banks or private securities
  • vehicles used by communication companies;
  • Trucks used in building sites near lanes;
  • vehicles used by doctors and healthcare professional of NHS or alike;
  • vehicles used to carry disabled people;
  • vehicles used by public authorities or alike.

Authorization fee: 30,00 Euros per year, in addition to 2 tax stamps of 16,00 Euros (not necessary for vehicles owned by public authorities or Onlus).

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pdf-icon Comunicato stampa corsie bus

pdf-icon OS 438 del 14/05/2010

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