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Disabled people overview

A city should be people-oriented in order to allow everyone to enjoy it.

Mobility is the possibility to more around easily idependently of the age or other factors. Disabled people may require the authorization to move around easily within the ZTL areas.

Click here to check where disabled people may stop clicca qui.

What does “disabled people authorization” stand for?

It is a special authorization given only to the disabled person in order to have the following rights:

  • the receipt is merely personal. It is not related to a vehicle or a different legal person,contrassegno-europeo-cude
  • the receipt has to be shown on the front windscreen while the disabled person is driving or on board,
  • the disabled person can take advantage of the benefits foreseen by the law :
    • reserved parking lots
    • ZTL access upon numbre-plate registration, according to Art. 11/4^ Presidential Decree 24/07/1996 N.503
    • access to the reserved lanes for public transport upon numbre-plate registration, according to Art. 11 Presidential Decree 24/07/1996 n. 503. Check website
    • Exception from the no stopping limit time of the parking lots
  • Prohibitions forseen by the Highway Code are still valid:
    • standing on pavements
    • on reserved lanes for public transport or for goods delivery
    • on reserved areas for emergency vehicles and police
    • every place where standing may be an obstacle

Subjects and procedures

  • Subjects: in favor of disabled and blind people according to the Presidentail Decrees 495/92 and 503/96. The receipt is merely personal. It is not related to a vehicle or a different legal person and it is valid on national territory.
  • Used when: while the disabled person is moving around driving, even if a helper will accompany him/her.
  • Expiry date: if the disability is stable it lasts 5 years, if it’s temporary it lasts the same time according to the validation given by the NHS or by the certification of an high risk for the disability to become durable.
  • Request: fill the form (see the section vedi sezione modulistica), valid ID, legal certification of the disability released by the NHS. In case of renewal, the same procedure must be followed; but if the first time it was a 5 years validation, this time the certification may be given by the GP to certify the disability.


  • Art. n° 188 new Highway Code Decree-Law 285/1992;
  • Art. n° 381 general administrative order of the new Highway Code, Presidential Decree 495/1992.
  • Presidential Decree 151/2012, 30 July

Pay attention:

The “telepass” given by Amt spa are valid only on the yellow lanes.

As far as the access at the ZTL Centro Storico is concerned, it must be transmitted within 7 days from the access at the following address in person, via e-mail or fax. You should attach your ID, disability certification and car credentials.

Genova Parcheggi Spa
Viale Brigate Partigiane 1
16129 Genova
Fax : 0105398885

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