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Founded in 1995 by the “Comune di Genova” with a special partnership of “Automobile Club di Genova”, Genova Parcheggi Plc is a company governed by public law. Its goal is to design projects in the parking and mobility field.

In 1997, due to the new administration, it was the first time the new parking meters were introduced in Italy. They avoid data alteration allowing the marker pulse of takings.

Palmtops are being used and thank to our software not only can the tickets emission be tracked down, but also the whole parking system (palmtops, central control and parking meters included).

Our team will take advantage of the boat show in order to solve any logistical problem.

For the first time in Genoa, stream interchange parking lots to reach the boat show and a multi-punch tickets system will be experimented (shuttle bus tickets, exhibition tickets and Acquario tickets).

Nowadays, Genova Parcheggi belongs completely to the Comune di Genova and it works in the private mobility field of the city.

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