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Every service of Genova Parcheggi is customer-oriented and follows the following 5 key points:

Equality and impartiality
Service affordable to everyone, without distinction of sex, race, language, religion, opinions,physical ability. Fair treatment of all users.

Temporal continuity

Regular service unless due to force majeure.


We communicate with our clients, through the consumer association, about malfunctions thanks to recurring quality assessment questionnaires.

Efficiency and effectiveness
Increase in the value of the service, ability to meet people’s needs and cheapness

Wide range of services

Coordination with the competent authorities, multiple solutions (road and rail public and private transport) in order to guarantee the mobility.

Certification of quality

Genova Parcheggi can take advantage of ISO 9001 certification. It has been released to Genova Parcheggi in 2008 upon qualified judgement. These officers analyzed the management of the company and its results. The ISO certification represents an important achievement even for the business plan of the next years. Genova Parcheggi always aims to improve its offer.

Client participation
Any positive or negative suggestion or complaints may be forwarded to Genova Parcheggi.

Relations with consumer associations

Genoa Parcheggi promoted quarterly meetings with the delegates of consumer organisations that are part of the General Council established by the municipality of Genoa with the aim of:

  • developing a relationship with customers through their representative organisations;
  • meet people’s need in order to improve the offer;

The service card 2014 is the first example of mutual partnership.

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