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Authorization replacement

Purchase any regulated in this portal subscription entitles you to free of charge to every one reissue/duplicated, even temporarily, for any reason (eg. theft or loss, change of vehicle, change residence, change of second zone suitable temporary replacement, car, etc.) to be applied to every single applicant having a coupon with plaque.
If you have already taken advantage of the remission at no charge if you need an additional release of an annual subscription with license plate will proceed as follows:
‘ if the new permit was referring to an area with a maturity within three months, the applicant will have to pay the corresponding rate to cover that period plus the annual subscription fee as defined in this specification;
otherwise the payment will be 15.00 to rerelease and upon expiration the applicant will need to provide the usual renewal;
In the case of duplicate or missing of reissuing unmarked labels/multiple license plates cost is in any case of 15.00 .
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