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Blu Area hourly rate

  • Category 1 € 2,50/h: subarea A-B-D-E-F-G-H (avenues only)
  • Category 2 € 2,00/h: subarea L-M2 [with the following boundaries: Via Trento (from Via F. Pozzo to Piazza Merani) except – Piazza Merani except – Via Argonne except – Via A. Liri (from Via Argonne to Via Piave) except – Via Piave esclusa – Corso Italia (from Via Piave to Via F. Cavallotti) – Via F. Cavallotti – Via Caprera (from Via Orsini to Via Pisa) – Via Pisa, except – Via P. Boselli except – Piazza L. Da Vinci esclusa – Via F. Ricci except – Via Albaro except – Via F. Pozzo (from Via Albaro to Via Trento)except]zona C
  • Fascia 3 € 1,50/h: zona M1 [with the following boundaries: Corso Gastaldi – from Via Dassori to Via Corridoni – Via Dassori from Corso Gastaldi to Via all’Opera Pia except – Via all’Opera Pia (from Via Dassori to Via Fasce) – Via Fasce except  – Via F. Pozzo (from Via Fasce to Via Trento) except  – Via F. Pozzo (from Via Trento to Via Albaro) – Via Albaro – Piazza L. Da Vinci – Via F. Ricci – Via P. Boselli – Via Pisa – Via Caprera (from Via Pisa to Via A. Orsini) – Via Orsini – Via G. Parodi – Via Puggia (from Via G. Parodi to Via E. Jenner) – Via E. Jenner – up to the crossroads Via E. Jenner/Via Gambaro and Via Dodecaneso/Via Superiore delle Castagne, included – Via Dodecaneso (from Via Superiore delle Castagne to Via Padre Giovanni, this last street included) – Via Padre Giovanni (up to Via Dodecaneso and Via del Forte di S. Martino) Via del Forte di S. Martino – Via Montallegro – Via F. Corridoni – Corso Gastaldi (from Via F. Corridoni to Via Tolemaide)] – zona T e zona R, zona H (except avenues).


Blu Area subscriptions may be required by the following subjects:

  1. Individuals who legally live within one of Blu Area areas or subareas;
  2. Individuals, with regular contract, who take advantage of a building within Blu Area;
  3. Individuals who live outside the municipality of Genoa but are hosted within Blu Area upon declaration of the householder. These people may be hosted for studying, working, health care or home help reasons according to art.47 of Legislative Decree 12/28/2000, n. 445.
  4. Individuals who live directly near the boundaries of Blu Area, established by law, and are influenced by its guidelines.
  5. People registered in the “temporary population” register;
  6. People registered in the AIRE register.

Every applicant should be connected to a specific houseold. The Blu Area subscription rate (see chart 3.b) will be calculated as the applicants become part of the family unit. Only people at least 14 years old will be considered.

Subscriptions mentioned above may be required only for the following categories of vehicles:

  • Vehicles for the transport of people (international category M1 related to art. 47 and 54 of the Highway Code included);
  • Trucks which max. loaded mass is 3,5 t. (international category N1 related to art. 47 and 54 of the Highway Code included);
  • three-wheeled vehicle for carrying goods (related to art. 47 and 53 of the Highway Code);
  • Quadricycle (related to art. 47 and 53 of the Highway Code).
  • four-wheeled mopeds (related to art. 47 and 53 of the Highway Code);
  • three-wheeled mopeds (related to art. 47 and 53 of the Highway Code);



1 vehicle 2 vehicles 3 vehicles 4 or more vehicles

The family members considered are older than 14 years old.

1 25,00 Euro 300,00 Euro 300,00 Euro 300,00 Euro
2 25,00 Euro 25,00 Euro 300,00 Euro 300,00 Euro
3 or more 25,00 Euro 25,00 Euro 50,00 Euro 300,00 Euro

Non residents

Please read :   autorizzazioni per non residenti.

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