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Technology and innovation

Genova Parcheggi always tries to meet people’s needs taking advantage of the best technologies available.

Mobility and urban services integrated software.

Just one software to connect the payment of parking tickets and infractions.

Thank to the fast “FUORIORARIO” system, one-of-a-kind software of Genova Parcheggi, you can even pay fines at the parking meter.


Besides, a system to issue more than one ticket at once for more than one service has been created by Genova Parcheggi.

On line

It is possible to renew the receipt of Blu Area and the ZTL license on the website

Video surveillance and supervision.

To improve the performance without overspending, the company rely on an high level of technology. From the central control, satellite parking lots can be checked and many technical functions can be completed; moreover every parking meter is connected in real time to our offices. Tools such as remote controls, fire extinguishing systems or audio paths help to keep things better under control.

  • Checking parking technology:
    automatic dialling equipment and parking meters 24/7 monitoring
  • Systems connected to the central control:
    346 parking meters
    65 palmtops
    10 video surveillance automatic dialling equipment
    25 video cameras
    25 intercoms
  • ZTL control:
    11 video cameras: video monitoring of the ZTL entrance
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